Bel Art Stained Glass Studio was founded in 1986 by Maria Kovac. She is a stained glass artist from Europe. She graduated from Belgrade University, Serbia and Art School in Hannover, Germany in 1986, where she worked for 2 years, continued in Belgrade and all across Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Turkey, Austria, Slovenia, Great Britain...).

During her career, she and her team manufactured numerous stained glass panels for public buildings, hotels, restaurants, cafes, but also for many more private apartments, houses and villas all across the world. She was also commissioned to numerous stained glass restorations on historical sites, such as churches, museums and palaces.

For more than a decade she lives and works in the USA, spreading her work mostly in Florida, Chicago and New York. Maria had many solo exhibitions all over the world. Her stained glass works differ in style and technique, depending on purpose and the specific interior design of the buildings which they are part of. She uses both lead came and copper foil methods in her work.

Bel Art with its team manufactures stained glass, separating walls, ceilings, paravans, cupboards, tables, Tiffany lamps and other decorative lighting.

Our long time experience guarantees quality of our products. Numerous satisfied customers enjoy their interiors refined by our stained glass and lamps. Their satisfaction, as well as awards for our work, speak for themselves about the quality of our work. Passion for sophisticated glass bonds all of us in Bel Art and every new task is a real pleasure for us, because we are fully aware that our customers will love our meticulously handcrafted beautiful glass products.